Story Bosses Play Contact

Giant Ohagi

A formidable foe! Beware of his bombs. They will sting like hell, so try to dodge them. This is the first big guy you will encounter so start warming up to the task!


Quite the strong fellow. You have to take into account his fiery sword swings that can slice you up real quick! Fight him with equal strength, you reap what you sow.

Yado Kama

Time for the molluscs to shine! He will emerge from the water periodically to pinch you and strike you with all his might. Try not to slip down the slope! It's wet!


Tiny little guy but don't be so fast to judge, as this is the strongest enemy you will face up to this point. Make sure to take the higher ground and strike strong!

Laser artillery scissors

Not every technological advance is a blessing, sometimes some mad guys go overboard. Try to play with the angles to hit him with your star and this fight is as well as done.

Great Wizard Ohagi

Magic is not always a beautiful thing! You should be careful with his area attacks, they could be lethal.

Evil Toy Master

This is it. The final battle. Do your best, he is the definitely the strongest foe you will have to face. Agile, he will dodge your attacks, and strike back too! Time to complete your mission.