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For every birthday of her young life, a certain little girl received a stuffed toy from her beloved parents. As that special day was approaching, the girl's father was shown to the sales floor by a store clerk.

Yumetaro, a living doll-like being who was merely wandering in curiosity, hastily ducked into a pile of pink inanimate duplicates and resumed the stillness of an average toy. However, he was chosen by the father for standing out in the crowd and gift-wrapped. When Yumetaro was presented to the girl, the two somehow had an unspoken bond.

The girl quickly favored Yumetaro over her five previous toys, who perhaps couldn't help but feel anxious over the prospect of abandonment. While she was sleeping, they suddenly came to life and took her to another dimension. Yumetaro resolved to track down his new owner and retrieve her from this fantastical world.